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Luxury Outlook Summit 2024 New York Jan.17: Decks and follow-up

January 3, 2024

Dom Perignon is the world's premier Champagne brand. Image: Dom Perignon Dom Perignon is the world's premier Champagne brand. Image: Dom Perignon


I want to thank you for attending Luxury Roundtable’s Luxury Outlook Summit 2024 Jan. 17 in New York. Our room was packed at the UBS Building and the networking and knowledge-sharing between speakers and delegates and indeed amongst all attendees was palpable.

So thank you again for your time and the effort in traveling to the venue or into New York on a very cold day. Now in the off chance that you couldn’t make it to the event, don’t worry: we’re still sharing the decks with the gracious consent of our speakers.

But a few things before you dive into the decks:

First, I’d love for you to attend our upcoming State of Luxury Real Estate webinar Jan. 31 at noon to 1 p.m. ET (New York time). We’ll have the world’s leading real estate market researcher shed light on global trends in luxury residential, commercial and branded real estate and what this means for the HNW and UHNW ecosystem we also serve. Here is the link, which I’d love for you to share with your colleagues, via email and also on social media including LinkedIn, where you can tag me @MickeyAlamKhan:

Next, I’d love your feedback on Luxury Outlook Summit we held this week, what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you’d like to hear at our next conference with Luxury Outlook Summit 2024 feedback in the subject line. You can email me directly on (or just respond to this email, which is the same address) and at

Finally, it’d be lovely to have you join our network and luxury program at Luxury Roundtable. Maybe I should have plugged it a bit at the Luxury Outlook Summit, but now’s as good a time for me to request that you take a look at our program. We have a full agenda of events, webinars, podcasts, 150-plus intelligence reports that are added each month, Luxury Class master classes and networking events for you to meet with luxury brands, retailers, analysts, market researchers and agencies. Joining the network will instantly give you and your entire team/company access a full-fledged luxury program. Do take a look at Luxury Roundtable’s site and also the invitation to register link:

The decks:

Thank you reading through the first half of this message. Here are the decks and the registration list for you to connect through LinkedIn:

Global State of Luxury

Nora Kleinewillinghoefer, Kearney

Luxury Shoppers: Where are the Pockets of Growth?
Erica Guries, Moët Hennessy

Karen Shiers Gioitta, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

State of the Luxury and Aspirational Consumer

Sunny Mehra, UBS

Do not have permission to distribute

China Luxury Sales: How Fast and Far?
Jacques Roizen, DLG (Digital Luxury Group)

Iris Chan, DLG (Digital Luxury Group)

Legal Overview on Data Laws, Tracking, Copyright, Trademark and Discrimination
Rania V. Sedhom, Sedhom Law Group

Milton Springut, Moses Singer

Adapting the Digital Touchpoint Strategy in 2024
Fiona Swerdlow, Forrester Research

What’s New and Next in Luxury Marketing and Technology Such as AI
Nadia Tuma-Weldon, McCann Worldgroup

Sector-by-Sector Outlook: What Luxury Marketers and Professionals Can Expect in 2024
Milton Pedraza, Luxury Institute

Luxury Outlook Summit 2024 title slide:

Luxury Outlook Summit 2024 Program Agenda Flyer

Luxury Outlook Summit 2024 Registration List (please connect on LinkedIn, if you already haven't exchanged cards or contact details)


McCann Worldgroup’s Virtual Tech Safari: Overview of latest tech advances at CES, Las Vegas, that may impact luxury, marketing, retail and the consumers we all seek to reach:

Nadia Tuma-Weldon and her colleagues at McCann

Releasing today: Apple Vision Pro
I believe this device will change AR/VR and content/entertainment consumption as we know it. A cheaper version with wider consumer adoption will potentially change shopping and product/service discovery as well – Mickey

Courtesy of Missy Pool, Apple

Thank you so much for your time on Wednesday and today. Our next in-person conference, Luxury Marketing & Branding Summit 2024, will be held April 17-18 in New York. Please check back on Luxury Roundtable to see the agenda and registration page in a few weeks.

Enjoy the weekend.


CEO, Luxury Roundtable