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New Luxury is defined by its emphasis on unique experiences and the desire stirred for them amongst the wealthy and UHNW classes. Luxury Roundtable decodes it all for members

New Luxury is defined by its emphasis on unique experiences and the desire stirred for them amongst the wealthy and UHNW classes. Luxury Roundtable decodes it all for members

KNOW-HOW and KNOW WHO: That is Luxury Roundtable in a nutshell

Luxury Roundtable is a center of excellence and creativity for discerning luxury professionals across industries

“Having led and founded many organizations across luxury, media and marketing, research, real estate and events over a career spanning more than 30 years, I realized some key truths: life is all about connections and conversations, continually being curious, communicating clearly, taking calculated risks and making informed, timely decisions. With Luxury Roundtable, my goal is simple: bring smart people together with great ideas and insights, and let the magic work. Luxury is all about high quality, excellence and creativity, whether it’s product or people.”

– Mickey ALAM KHAN, founder/CEO, Luxury Roundtable


Luxury Roundtable’s purpose is to make its members the most authoritative, informed and connected luxury professionals as they interact with clients, prospects, colleagues, peers and industry observers.

Luxury Roundtable is designed to be an effective luxury program, whether for a professional working with the wealthy or a company with an existing luxury program or division that needs more complementary support.


Regardless of world events, the global population of affluent, wealthy and UHNW individuals is growing at a rapid clip. Technological progress, rising aspirations, astute investing, more international travel and a generally better, healthier lifestyle have led to a level of affluence unprecedented in the history of humankind. Those wealthy individuals who have achieved a certain level of success and accomplishment have a higher level of expectation – in product quality, customer service and frictionless experiences. They expect more from their brands, retailers, partners and service providers.  Luxury Roundtable is here to inform and educate its members on what their upscale audiences expect of them, and how to connect with the best ideas, resources and people in the business to deliver unique experiences that engender customer loyalty.


Make smart people smarter.


This network, with its intelligence, upskilling, multi-dialogue and networking capabilities, will help you grow your stature, whether you are a luxury brand executive or team member targeting wealthy customers, luxury real estate professional pitching to an affluent home seller, wealth manager in charge of shepherding the finances of upscale clients, retailer showcasing your best merchandise for HNW and UHNW shoppers, marketing or PR professional servicing luxury clients or service provider supporting the industry.

Luxury Roundtable is complementary and additive to a member company’s own luxury program or offering, strengthening the luxury credentials for all stakeholders.

Frankly, Luxury Roundtable is for anyone who operates in a high-quality environment serving customers who seek the very best that life has to offer.

The network is a center of excellence for luxury professionals who wish to upskill themselves to gain an edge over competition in the marketplace for business, ideas and meaningful conversations.


Membership of Luxury Roundtable is open to professionals from the following industries, among others:

  • Couture, fashion and leather goods
  • Retail
  • Real estate
  • Design and architecture
  • Wealth management and financial services
  • Travel, hotels and hospitality
  • Wines and spirits
  • Watches and jewelry
  • Automotive
  • Jets
  • Yachts
  • Art and auctions
  • Beauty, cosmetics and personal care
  • Health and wellness
  • Sports
  • Media and publishing
  • Marketing, advertising and public relations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Social media
  • Market research
  • Legal and law firms
  • Education and academia
  • Nonprofits, think tanks and philanthropic foundations
  • Software and technology
  • Manufacturing

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Among the many exclusive benefits that come with your Luxury Roundtable membership:

24 special trend reports annually across 20-plus luxury sectors and markets worldwide covering couture, fashion and leather goods, retail, real estate, design, wealth management and financial services, travel and hospitality, wines and spirits, watches and jewelry, automotive, jets and yachts, art and auctions, beauty and cosmetics, health and wellness, sports, media and publishing, marketing and advertising, legal and education

Twice- to thrice-weekly special email newsletters with invitations, news, intelligence and updates

24 webinar/podcast interviews annually with senior executives across different luxury sectors who serve as role models and inspirations

4 luxury classes annually on embracing the luxury mindset, best practices in luxury marketing, best practices in luxury retail, and etiquette and art de vivre

Discounted access to Luxury Roundtable in-person and digital conferences such as the Luxury Outlook Summit, Consumer Marketing Forum, China Luxury Summit, Luxury Women Leaders Summit and Luxury Roundtable Awards

Cocktail-hour receptions and mixers throughout the year for additional networking

Access to Official Partners to Luxury Roundtable for best-in-class support in luxury marketing, retail, digital, research, CRM, PR and other services

PLUS: Display the Luxury Roundtable logo on your business card, stationery, emails, website, app and social media pages as long as the membership is valid, thus signifying membership in a prestigious luxury organization whose values you share