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From startups to enterprise firms, the CMO must excel in 4 key areas
November 28, 2023 By

One could argue the chief marketing officer has to be the most well-rounded member of the C-suite.

Why luxury retailers should look at retail media networks
November 21, 2023 By

This year, the spend on retail media ads is expected to increase by more than 25 percent to $51 billion.

In conversation: Rebecca Robins discusses philanthropy with Do One Better’s Alberto Lidj
November 10, 2023 By

London-based brand consultant Rebecca Robins discusses philanthropy, family offices and multi-generational giving with Alberto Lidj, founder of philanthropy platform and podcast Do One Better.

Chat around OpenAI is that its lead over Google is artificial
November 8, 2023 By

When Google realized others were assimilating all its AI knowledge into their own smart new products, that threatened to turn the tables on the company’s dominance, so it decided to pivot.

Will Kering’s plan to restore Gucci to past glory work?
November 7, 2023 By

Brand owner Kering’s vision for Gucci is to reaffirm its position at the intersection of luxury and fashion. But these two business models are at odds with each other.

WeChat Luxury Index 2023: How to connect with 1.3B Chinese consumers?
November 2, 2023 By

WeChat has evolved into a critical hub for brands to nurture and convert Chinese consumers, going far beyond being merely a communication channel.

The fine line between puffery and false advertising
November 1, 2023 By

In most jurisdictions, puffery is considered legal, as it is understood that consumers are capable of recognizing exaggerated statements and not interpreting them as factual representations.

Brand hijacking: A threat to brand identity and reputation
October 30, 2023 By

In an era dominated by social media, the temptation for hijacked brands to weather the storm and hope that negative associations will dissipate is no longer a viable strategy.

Lessons for luxury brands from recent FTC action over beltmaker’s Made in USA claims
October 13, 2023 By

In a recent decision and order, the Federal Trade Commission has taken a firm stance against deceptive “Made in USA” claims made by a group of Massachusetts- and New Hampshire-based clothing accessories companies.

How luxury retailers can retain their edge as mass-market rivals embrace advanced tech
October 12, 2023 By

Players in the luxury retail market must act now to gain advantage in the post-pandemic moment. By focusing on four key elements, these retailers will better harness emerging trends.

Call for columns and thought leadership on luxury trends and issues
October 11, 2023 By

Luxury Roundtable is inviting insightful columns and thought-leadership articles on issues, trends, opportunities or challenges affecting the luxury business, whether in one sector or many. 

Are you customer-obsessed? Here is why you should be
September 29, 2023 By

More than a strategy, customer obsession is a business model.

Editor’s pick: Is India the new China?
September 26, 2023 By

India has emerged as a compelling economic growth story and an increasingly attractive alternative to China within the emerging markets complex.

The dirt on English country gardens
September 21, 2023 By

What makes an English country garden special is the combination of lush foliage, colorful flowers releasing beguiling fragrances and chirping birds sharing in the common joy.

How to install purpose in your brand and company
September 14, 2023 By

The best way to identify purpose is not making up a new one but rediscovering the reason for the brand’s existence in the first place. What problem was it created to solve? Why?

Roadmap from midcareer professional to entrepreneur
September 13, 2023 By

In a weird twist of human nature, we overestimate the threats and underestimate our strengths in a typical SWOT analysis.

5 ways to optimize your resume for AI tools that recruiters use
August 30, 2023 By

These days, there is almost always a robotic gatekeeper standing between your resume and an actual human’s eyeballs.

Debunking 6 common market research myths
August 25, 2023 By

Making decisions based on internal opinion versus getting an objective, outside view from relevant prospects and customers has led more than one company to throw good money after bad on product development and marketing. 

Is your app ADA compliant?
August 4, 2023 By

Regulators have taken a statute that focused on bricks-and-mortar locales and applied it to digital goods and services, such as websites, mobile applications, kiosks and other technology.

Using AI to enhance retail experiences
July 27, 2023 By

Understanding where each customer is in their purchasing journey and where they are getting stuck or abandoning the experience is a huge benefit to retailers.

Harnessing AI: How to mitigate risks
July 24, 2023 By

While there are a multitude of applications for generative AI, marketing is one of the areas that has made the greatest inroads while still being susceptible to the greatest risks.