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Next frontier of contextual advertising: Your living room
April 1, 2024 By

The rise of on-demand and streaming platforms ushered in a shift in consumer behavior, demanding more personalized and more relevant ad experiences.

3 leadership qualities I find indispensable for success
March 15, 2024 By

The leaders I most admire are those that steer their organizations and brands with grace under pressure, showing a remarkable degree of foresight and magnanimity.

How retailers can use buyer signals that matter
March 4, 2024 By

Not every shopper’s behavior matters equally when it comes to evaluating who the high-value and low-value customers will be over time.

Decoding luxury marketing milestones in China’s Lunar New Year: report
February 8, 2024 By

In the face of ever-evolving Chinese consumers and the local luxury scene, how should brands approach the Lunar New Year – a traditional festival in China – to enhance their social and commercial performance?

In 2024, expect more of the same in China. Now is the time to optimize
February 5, 2024 By

As the China luxury market shifts to a slower growth rate, brands need to turn their focus on optimizing their operations.

Smart strategies for a successful 2024 gift return season
January 23, 2024 By

It is not about which offer drives the best near-term value, but which offer drives the best behavior to drive higher long-term value.

As Google phases out third-party tracking cookies on Chrome browser, what is the alternative for marketers?
January 18, 2024 By

Despite the fact that cookies have been eroding for years, most retailers still rely heavily on cookies because Chrome has been a major holdout and third-party cookies are the most cost-effective way to reach new customers.

In 2024, AI will make analytics an essential input to creative
January 18, 2024 By

For creative teams to get what they need from AI, they need to collaborate much more closely with their analytics teams.

Luxury outlet store boom puts brands’ long-term value at risk
January 4, 2024 By

Veering to outlet stores for growth, luxury brands are breaking a cardinal rule for their market: demand should always exceed supply, not the other way around.

Why luxury brands must combine online media with offline channels for affluent consumer attention
January 4, 2024 By

We see many formerly disruptive brands that relied on digital-only campaigns now look toward platforms such as linear television and newspapers.

Book excerpt: Reimagining Luxury: Building a sustainable future for your brand
January 3, 2024 By

In her new book, titled “Reimagining Luxury: Building a sustainable future for your brand,” Diana Verde Nieto, founder of Positive Luxury, outlines steps to future-proof luxury brands in their eco-friendly efforts as consumers and regulators demand more from marketers.

Navigating uncertainty: 2024 luxury trends and legal considerations
January 2, 2024 By

From the transformative potential of generative AI, the evolving dynamics of brand marketing and social media influencers, and the urgent need for sustainability strategies as a result of climate change, the luxury business faces a triad of challenges and opportunities in 2024.

Why licensing in luxury and fashion maintains its allure
December 19, 2023 By

Licensing is a commercial tool for fashion houses to reach goals such as revenue growth, product SKU ramp-up and commercial market penetration.

Polarization strikes back for the luxury business
December 18, 2023 By

The luxury business is becoming increasingly polarized, with only 65 to 70 percent of brands expected to achieve a positive growth rate this year.

Online retail pitfalls: A deep dive into FTC’s mail order rule
December 1, 2023 By

The online retail landscape is not without its challenges, and the Federal Trade Commission has recently spotlighted one such case involving Hey Dude Inc., an online shoe retailer.

From startups to enterprise firms, the CMO must excel in 4 key areas
November 28, 2023 By

One could argue the chief marketing officer has to be the most well-rounded member of the C-suite.

Why luxury retailers should look at retail media networks
November 21, 2023 By

This year, the spend on retail media ads is expected to increase by more than 25 percent to $51 billion.

In conversation: Rebecca Robins discusses philanthropy with Do One Better’s Alberto Lidj
November 10, 2023 By

London-based brand consultant Rebecca Robins discusses philanthropy, family offices and multi-generational giving with Alberto Lidj, founder of philanthropy platform and podcast Do One Better.

Chat around OpenAI is that its lead over Google is artificial
November 8, 2023 By

When Google realized others were assimilating all its AI knowledge into their own smart new products, that threatened to turn the tables on the company’s dominance, so it decided to pivot.

Will Kering’s plan to restore Gucci to past glory work?
November 7, 2023 By

Brand owner Kering’s vision for Gucci is to reaffirm its position at the intersection of luxury and fashion. But these two business models are at odds with each other.

WeChat Luxury Index 2023: How to connect with 1.3B Chinese consumers?
November 2, 2023 By

WeChat has evolved into a critical hub for brands to nurture and convert Chinese consumers, going far beyond being merely a communication channel.