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Rapport London, a fourth-generation watch accessories brand, undergoes makeover to raise market visibility

March 25, 2024

Rapport London product lineup Rapport London product lineup


Rapport London, a fourth-generation family-owned maker of luxury watch accessories and gifts, is refreshing its brand to attract new customers and energize its existing clientele as the market for collectible watches stays strong.

In addition to a new logo and monogram – the ‘O’ is deliberately tilted to resemble the rotation of a watch winder and the double R’s are intertwined to form an infinity symbol – the 126-year-old British company has updated its website and extended its Rapport ‘blue’ to its packaging and all print and digital platforms.

“Over the past few years, we've observed a notable shift in our customer profile, characterized by the emergence of a growing global audience, particularly among younger demographics,” said Katie Goldblatt, director of Rapport London. “It underscores our ability to resonate with, and cater to, the evolving preferences and lifestyles of contemporary consumers worldwide.”

In this interview, Ms. Goldblatt – the great-granddaughter of founder Maurice A. Rapport – outlines Rapport London’s evolution, customer strategy, keeping a business in the family for several generations and the market for watch accessories targeting collectors of mechanical and quartz timepieces. Please read on:

Katie Goldblatt Katie Goldblatt

Why the need for the refresh now?

We felt that the branding needed to be more modern, relevant and unique.

We also wanted our existing and future customers to know that we are keeping up with the times and that our business is evolving and adapting to the modern world.

Moreover, our brand refresh is the process of building on our recognizable image but giving it a fresher feel.

What is the refresh designed to do and who is it targeted to?

The brand refresh is intended to reflect a new, current and up-to-date image. This serves to reassure our loyal customers while also appealing to potential new ones.

We anticipate that the brand refresh will enhance the visibility and impact of innovative ideas, collaborations or growth within our company.

Without evolution, Rapport will lose its edge against its competitors as well as its relevance with our intended audience. Our business must remain attuned to the prevailing trends.

Rapport London box Rapport London box

What has Rapport refreshed and relaunched? Can you go into some detail?

Not only have we refreshed and relaunched our branding and logos, but we have also refreshed our packaging and brand colors.

We have introduced the Rapport ‘blue’ across all platforms and packaging to provide a modern edge and splash of color.

We also relaunched our website to introduce personalization together with new collections which celebrate our 125 years of existence and expertise.

Rapport has been in business since 1898. Timepieces have evolved since then. How has Rapport kept pace?

We continue to innovate, producing collections for the past, present and future.

We are not just about timeless beauty, but as a top watch and jewelry accessory brand we must constantly find new ways to provide convenience to future generations of luxury watch and jewelry owners.

How is the current product assortment different from a few decades ago?

We have introduced innovative new technologies and explored new materials to further enhance our product offerings to our customers.

How has your customer profile changed over the past few years?

Over the past few years, we've observed a notable shift in our customer profile, characterized by the emergence of a growing global audience, particularly among younger demographics. It underscores our ability to resonate with, and cater to, the evolving preferences and lifestyles of contemporary consumers worldwide.

The advent of smartwatches has changed the game for timepieces. How are you gearing for a future where these watches dominate over mechanical and quartz watches?

Smartwatches are not affecting our customers and those who own mechanical and quartz watches endeavor to enhance and protect their timepiece with our products.

Which pieces from your product offering appeal to younger generations versus older?

The Evolution Single Watch Winder appeals to the younger and first-time collectors, whilst the cabinet and collector boxes appeal to the older and more established collectors.

What type of marketing and outreach is Rapport doing to attract new customers and retain existing clientele?

We are attracting new customers through various touchpoints, being present online and in-store, and building communities around this.

Retaining existing customers is done by offering unparalleled customer service, understanding their needs and desires, and also engaging regularly.

Rapport London mobile site highlighting new look-and-feel Rapport London mobile site highlighting new look-and-feel

What's the biggest opportunity you have identified for growth in the United Kingdom and overseas? And challenges?

U.K. horology houses are expected to undergo a renaissance in 2024, so we plan to stay true to our roots but expand our global reach, strengthening our position in the industry.

The high-end pre-owned watch market will continue to grow in 2024 due to a shift towards sustainable and economic choices, as enthusiasts recognize the value in responsible investments and this, I believe, is an opportunity for us.

We have seen a surge of opportunities in the U.S.A., and we want to expand and grow in this territory. There will, of course, be challenges with the uncertainty of the global and political landscape.

What is the secret of keeping a business in the family for four generations?

Rapport’s company culture is probably the absolute key to our success and sense of pride in who we are. It all starts with our very strong family values.

In addition to this, our governance, leadership, conflict management and communication play a paramount role together with maintaining good relationships among the generations.

Is the next generation interested in following in your footsteps?

Not presently, I think they are too young!