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Luxury Women Leaders to Watch

Announcing Luxury Roundtable’s Luxury Women Leaders to Watch 2025

June 13, 2024

Luxury Roundtable's Luxury Women Leaders to Watch are achievers who set high standards and ambitious goals for themselves and those with whom they work, leading by example Luxury Roundtable's Luxury Women Leaders to Watch are achievers who set high standards and ambitious goals for themselves and those with whom they work, leading by example


Luxury Roundtable is proud to announce the 25 executives who have been named to the Luxury Women Leaders to Watch 2025 list for showing remarkable drive and focus to achieve more for themselves and their organizations in the year ahead at a time when the market conditions are challenging, to say the least.

These honorees comprise women from different sectors within luxury and across geographies, all sharing a few common traits: attention to detail, ability to anticipate trends, willingness to mentor and a strong adherence to quality and standards. They were judged based on nominations sent in by the public as well as internal Luxury Roundtable recommendations.

"These women leaders are set to make a difference in luxury in the year ahead," said Mickey ALAM KHAN, CEO of Luxury Roundtable, New York. "They display admirable focus and a strong urge to improve the customer and employee experience. They are also equipped to handle the vagaries of any economy, and lead their organizations by example."

Luxury Roundtable interviewed the 25 honorees on what they most liked about their job, biggest challenge in their work, proudest achievement in luxury, leadership style, work priority for 2025 and how they see luxury evolving in the year ahead. Here is what they had to say.

Profiles of Luxury Roundtable's Luxury Women Leaders to Watch 2025

Alyce Panico Alyce Panico

Alyce Panico
CEO, Luxe Collective Group, New York

I enjoy navigating different groups of people from a variety of lived experiences and learning from everyone’s perspectives”

What I most like about my job
My job as owner and CEO of Luxe Collective Group is the role of a lifetime. It is a privilege.

In this role, I am able to drive the vision and strategy of the agency and innovate creative solutions for our clients and partners in a way that shines a spotlight on women-owned and -operated businesses.

It's a role that I cherish deeply and find incredibly fulfilling for the many unique opportunities to work with celebrated global brands, empowering and mentoring talented teams, and fostering strong relationships across the board.

Biggest challenge in my work
The balance between running the company and managing an existing workload carried over from my previous role is a constant juggling act.

On the one hand, one must quickly ascend to the leadership position and take on the role of visionary and decision-maker, while on the other elevating other team members to take on more responsibilities and bringing on new talent.

My proudest achievement in luxury
This is simple: it’s the longevity of my client partnerships. They are like family.

I am most proud to have had the privilege to work with some of the most storied brands that carry a true legacy.

Being a trusted partner to Swatch Group for nearly 17 years on brands like Breguet, Blancpain, Glashutte Original and Harry Winston, as well as multi-year collaborations with La Prairie and Parlux Fragrances, to name a few, gives me great pride in being a part of these wonderful companies’ growth journeys.

We also worked with Hermès of Paris for 12 years, launching several new market boutiques, the beauty line, and placing their first-ever U.S. television campaign.

My leadership style
Open-minded, collaborative and decisive.

I enjoy navigating different groups of people from a variety of lived experiences and learning from everyone’s perspectives. It keeps me from being stagnant in my outlook and helps me to continuously welcome new ideas and people.

From that standpoint, I am a better leader for allowing myself to evolve and applying that openness to guide my entrepreneurial decisions.

My work priority for 2025
Business growth will always be a priority, therefore, we will continue to expand our clientele within the retail sector – fashion and accessories – and luxury watch, wine and spirits, and beauty categories, while pursuing more opportunities in the travel and hospitality segments.

Equal to building the company is supporting my agency team, adding staff with emerging talent to allow for growth opportunities for our best and brightest.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
I see more collaborative work between media and marketing teams.

At Luxe Collective Group, we constantly look under every rock, big or small, to uncover new possibilities. They will not always be opportunities that garner great scale and large impressions, but a path to forging the most important consumer engagements, shepherding them to brand ambassadorship.

Naturally, we anchor our programs in media activation. However, the deals may have many extensions.

For our client partners, a non-traditional approach to media planning and buying is the best way to keep evolving in the luxury sector.

Continuing a true balance between awareness, where it most matters, and conversion driving media will continue, while testing contextual alignments across multiple platforms to find the best balance of investment and return.

Amrita Banta Amrita Banta

Amrita Banta
Managing director, Agility Research & Strategy, Singapore

“[Luxury is] moving towards experiences and travel more than product”

What I most like about my job
To be able to work globally with luxury clients across sectors like auto, fashion, watches and jewelry, wine and spirits, travel and finance makes the job very exciting. Seeing our work translate into their growth is very rewarding.

Biggest challenge in my work
Hiring and building a top-notch global team and culture across various offices and time zones that are aligned with our vision and strategy.

My proudest achievement in luxury
To be able to work with 50 of the best-in-class global luxury brands in our client portfolio and a great team of talented people who make every day enjoyable.

My leadership style
To lead by example. Set a very focused strategy for the business, with clear team goals for them to be able to execute that are measurable.

My work priority for 2025
To ensure we are delivering very high-quality data, insights and consulting for our global clients and maintaining our position as a leader in the affluent and luxury sector.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Moving towards experiences and travel more than product. Clients that deliver the best experiences for their VIP/VIC clients and stick to their core DNA will succeed.

Amy Nelson-Bennett Amy Nelson-Bennett

Amy Nelson-Bennett
CEO, Positive Luxury, London

“I learned the hard way early on that no talented individual thrives under micro-management and that no business wins because of one individual”

What I most like about my job
The work we do is so interesting and equally meaningful. I am very fortunate to have the chance to do that daily with the support of a passionate and talented and in partnership with such interesting brands.

Biggest challenge in my work
Convincing factions of the luxury industry to fast-track or, in many cases, get started the evolution of their business models to one that is more responsible and future fit.

With macro-economic factors driving instability since 2020, businesses have hard choices to make and often the short-term imperatives outweigh the benefits and opportunities this transition offers to forward-thinking companies.

My proudest achievement in luxury
I’m always proudest at work when I see individuals I work with growing in talent and confidence. But in terms of my own achievements, it was probably the turnaround and evolution of Molton Brown after the 2007-08 financial crisis and, as part of that, building a team that have taken the business from strength to strength after I moved on in 2014.

My leadership style
I’m quite a relaxed, very non-hierarchical leader, but one with very high standards and expectations – for myself and the people the work for me.

I’d say I sit at the intersection of strategic and transformational leadership styles – setting a vision, exciting my stakeholders about the destination the business needs to get to and prioritizing communication, team building and professional development to support teams and individuals to drive our company to that place.

Sometimes the route needs to change, so I’m constantly critiquing our performance and analysing the marketplace, so I can signal when we need to stay the path and when we need to flex and why.

I learned the hard way early on that no talented individual thrives under micro-management and that no business wins because of one individual, so I leverage all the opportunities a small business such as Positive Luxury offers to involve the entire team in decision-making and provide stretching opportunities to them to help us deliver ongoing improvements to our brand, products and services and culture.

My work priority for 2025
Growth in the value we provide to clients, therefore the positive impact of our community of real changemakers, and therefore the number of luxury businesses we support contributing to that change.

With increases in legislation, shifts in the composition and behavior of luxury consumers, and critical 2030 targets fast approaching, we at Positive Luxury and the wider luxury industry need to do more, more quickly.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Global inflation is forecast to continue to decline steadily, which will have a positive impact on consumer confidence and, therefore, enable more luxury businesses to look beyond the next set of quarterly results and start making bold changes to their business models.

Younger, values-driven luxury consumers will have growing influence on the luxury agenda, while witnessing the increasing environmental and social impact of climate change.

2025 needs to be the year a handful of large, influential luxury brands begin to meaningfully lead by example, leveraging sustainability and, in particular, circular business models, technology and experience to move away from our current linear model of over-production and over-consumption.

What we need is legacy thinking – it’s radical and disruptive to established luxury brands, but it’s an enormous opportunity for a courageous few to redefine luxury, for corporates and consumers, in their respective sectors. I remain positive.

Astrid Recaldin Astrid Recaldin

Astrid Recaldin
Head of global wealth and international PR, Knight Frank, London

“I try to inspire and motivate my team by displaying a high-level of self-confidence and trust in my own abilities, so they can learn from this”

What I most like about my job
I really enjoy working across multiple international markets and having a solid understanding of how luxury real estate markets operate globally.

A large part of my job is also building strong relationships with key media and pitching stories and ideas to them that will ultimately support the Knight Frank brand, which I still get a real buzz from.

Biggest challenge in my work
My biggest challenge is working on Knight Frank’s flagship report, The Wealth Report.

Whilst it is a market-leading report that garners serious press interest, wealth is a difficult subject to talk about. Different people have very different views on wealth and it divides popular opinion.

Therefore, building and executing a PR strategy that will be positive for Knight Frank globally can be a real challenge and takes careful thought and precise planning.

My proudest achievement in luxury
I manage the PR for the Knight Frank Wealth Report, a market-leading report that analyzes the behaviors and trends of the world’s wealthy and their investments in prime real estate.

My proudest achievement is securing over 3,000 press mentions for The Wealth Report globally in 2024, a 30 percent uplift on 2023. This involves strategic planning, coordinating multiple teams worldwide and ensuring we have the very best relationship with key media.

My leadership style
I’d say I’m a straightforward communicator, very results-orientated – my competitiveness can also be my weakness – and a quick decision-maker.

I work in a fast-paced role and being decisive and comfortable making tough calls is quite important.

I try to inspire and motivate my team by displaying a high-level of self-confidence and trust in my own abilities, so they can learn from this.

I very much encourage independence amongst team members and set high standards and challenges for them to push them out of their comfort zones to achieve a greater level of performance.

My work priority for 2025
I’m expecting my second child late summer, so ensuring I balance my work life and my family life will be my priority moving in to 2025.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Looking specifically at the luxury real estate market, I believe it will be shaped by a blend of economic and political factors, technological progress and evolving social trends.

Sustainability and smart technology will be prioritized, and although urban centers will remain magnets for wealth, there will be a growing appeal for high-quality living in less dense areas.

Danielle Naftali Danielle Naftali

Danielle Naftali
Executive vice president for marketing and design, Naftali Group, New York

“We have emphasized the incorporation of wellness-oriented amenities within our buildings in response to the growing societal emphasis placed on health”

What I most like about my job
I most enjoy the dynamic process of bringing our luxury real estate projects to fruition, from conception to completion.

As the executive vice president of marketing and design, I am closely involved in the shaping and refinement of every aspect of our products, from conceptualizing the homes’ layouts to crafting their designs, finishes, amenity packages and the overall experience a buyer or renter will experience.

By closely being a part of every phase of the development process, I find it rewarding to see the projects once completed and seeing the asset evolve into exceptional real estate.

Biggest challenge in my work
While challenges are inherent to the real estate development industry, I view them as great opportunities for growth, collaboration and innovation.

Every day on the job presents new challenges, whether it's regulatory obstacles, market fluctuations or unexpected logistical issues.

However, it is all about finding solutions and being able to problem solve in all aspects of the business.

By constantly seeking effective solutions and fostering collaboration within our teams, at Naftali Group, we tackle challenges and discover unique and unexpected opportunities for success along the way.

My proudest achievement in luxury
As the executive vice president of marketing, sales and design at Naftali Group, I oversaw with our incredible sales team record-breaking sales during the year of 2020 and 2021, surpassing $1 billion of sales at The Benson, The Bellemont and 200 East 83rd Street, with each building selling out before completion at record-breaking numbers.

Notably, I have continued leading our brand recognition for its uptown projects while reinforcing the firm’s reputation for design excellence.

Additionally, I am currently overseeing the launch of sales for four projects before the end of the year, including the firm’s South Florida arm with 3 million square feet under development between Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Additionally, the launch of JEM Private Residences, our first South Florida development, launched sales in November 2023.

My work priority for 2025
My primary focus for 2025 revolves around Naftali Group’s expansion and the continuous delivery of exceptional projects.

Our launch in the Fort Lauderdale market, Naftali Group’s largest project in South Florida, marks a significant milestone in our portfolio expansion.

Additionally, I'm committed to overseeing the successful delivery of the first phase of Naftali Group’s highly anticipated Brooklyn project, Williamsburg Wharf, as well as launching sales for several projects in Uptown Manhattan.

Furthermore, I aim to solidify Naftali Group’s presence by announcing a branded partnership for an upcoming project, enhancing our reputation for excellence and innovation in the luxury real estate market.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
In the realm of real estate, I envision luxury continually adapting to meet consumer needs.

At Naftali Group, we are dedicated to understanding the needs and desires of our consumers and introducing products to the market that align with their expectations.

For instance, we have emphasized the incorporation of wellness-oriented amenities within our buildings in response to the growing societal emphasis placed on health. This commitment ensures we remain highly attuned to market trends and evolving tastes and preferences.

Additionally, I anticipate luxury in real estate to continue to prioritize high-quality, innovative designs that endure the test of time — hallmarks of Naftali Group’s offerings.

Devon Kea DeAngelo Devon Kea DeAngelo

Devon Kea DeAngelo
Cofounder/CEO, Landng, Los Angeles and Paris

“I do my best to map the way ahead for my team and set expectations while engaging and energizing them along the way”

What I most like about my job
Landng is a SaaS marketing technology platform that helps luxury travel brands drive and measure influencer marketing attribution.

Additionally, being part of the highly competitive Station F Founders Program, Europe's top startup accelerator, has significantly accelerated our growth.

Working from this campus in Paris, France allows us to build and grow alongside founders in adjacent Station F programs, including innovation labs for LVMH, L’Oréal, Havas and more, which has been tremendously valuable.

Biggest challenge in my work
Time and focus. Managing a startup demands attention to a multitude of tasks at any given time.

The ability to hone in and identify the most important actions that will push us toward the most critical milestones or outcomes is an art that will continue to evolve for both myself and my team as we grow.

My proudest achievement in luxury
Relationships and innovation.

As an early-stage startup, the relationships I’ve formed with leaders in luxury and hospitality marketing are vital.

These connections ensure we have insider access to the exact information needed to build a product that solves their challenges and scales.

My leadership style
A mix between authoritative and democratic.

I do my best to map the way ahead for my team and set expectations while engaging and energizing them along the way.

I also make it a priority to share any information that could affect or involve their work responsibilities and seek their opinions before making final decisions.

Team collaboration is something we prioritize, especially in these early stages of our company culture.

My work priority for 2025
In 2024, we are launching our first tests with luxury travel creators such as Noor de Groot, hotel brands in the Accor portfolio, and creative marketing agencies that work with brands in this category, including 180 Global (Omnicom).

2025 will be our year of growth, scaling both our technology and luxury brand customer base.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Experiences and hospitality.

Brands like Louis Vuitton are opening branded hotels in cities like Paris to immerse their target audience in the brand narrative and create new revenue-generating pathways.

Exclusive press events, such as Orient Express’ La Dolce Vita reveal, included VR renderings for press to engage with the upcoming launch of their trains along with honoring their archives.

Dior’s “Dioriviera” store pop-ups in cities like Capri and Paris last year validate the market appetite for integrating shopping with exclusive experiences.

Landng’s “Shoppable Itineraries” technology seamlessly integrates into each of these market use cases and amplifies engagement and ROI for both brand and creator audiences.

We’re excited about the future of this space and to be working with the brands that are defining it.

Florence Quinn Florence Quinn

Florence Quinn
Founder/president, Quinn PR, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and London

“Sometimes I feel like I’m in HR, not PR”

What I most like about my job
I love to add value – to help clients achieve goals and provide strategy and creative ideas, as well as to write proposals that move businesses forward and share information with clients and staffers.

I adore and admire the people with whom I work. We can talk shop non-stop.

Biggest challenge in my work
Sometimes I feel like I’m in HR, not PR.

With 53 team members we have quite a few requests and decisions to make on behalf of staffers.

My goal is to be fair and do the right thing. I truly want to recognize and address everyone’s concerns.

My proudest achievement in luxury
Helping residential developer and art collector Eduardo Costantini decide on which Jeff Koons sculptures to purchase for Oceana Bal Harbour in Florida. We then filmed Mr. Koons in his studio.

An artist at heart, I painted in high school and college then studied at New York’s Art Students League on a merit scholarship.

My leadership style
I’m pretty hands off in most areas, except when I’m in it, which happens when I’m on a client startup team or a client or staffer brings me in. Then I can get deep into the details.

I need to immerse myself in a clients’ business to add value.

My work priority for 2025
Given our portfolio of ultra-luxury clients, I’m constantly fine tuning and experimenting with the best ways to reach the billionaire population. While a growing demographic, they are still a small niche sprinkled across the world.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
As we continue to awaken to our connection with nature and other sentient beings, luxury brands will cater more and more to this mindful truth.

The circular economy in fashion and plant-forward chefs, such as Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Daniel Humm and Alain Ducasse, are good examples of this movement.

Gaia Leonori Pratesi Gaia Leonori Pratesi

Gaia Leonori Pratesi
Founder/CEO, Verderoccia, Florence, Italy

“The greatest challenge and responsibility is knowing that I will never compromise on quality”

What I most like about my job
There are several aspects I love about my job, foremost being creative.

When you're developing a new product, you feel an internal drive that makes you receptive to every kind of external stimulus because you know you want to achieve a specific goal.

This year, my major inspiration has been creating "Life" and "Luce," for which I feel a profound enthusiasm and passion.

Biggest challenge in my work
The greatest challenge and responsibility is knowing that I will never compromise on quality.

This project was born from a promise to honor a family legacy and the rich heritage of our beautiful country, and I am committed to upholding that promise.

My proudest achievement in luxury
For me, the pinnacle of luxury was reached a few months ago when a client wrote to us saying they wanted to replace all their Pratesi sheets with Verderoccia. Naturally, we were both surprised and amused by this statement.

However, it also made us realize just how much people perceive our product as point of reference in the industry.

My leadership style
I love collaborating with the team and entrusting them with responsibilities to challenge and help them grow.

My work priority for 2025
Unveiling our New York flagship store.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
I believe that true luxury today is about reclaiming control over our lives, mastering our time and rediscovering the art of desire.

It's about experiencing that sweet anticipation for something we long for once again.

We all remember the joy of waiting for holiday gifts, where the anticipation often brought more joy than the surprise itself.

This is my vision for luxury in 2025: reigniting that sense of excitement and wonder.

Heather Kaminetsky Heather Kaminetsky

Heather Kaminetsky
President, Mytheresa, North America, New York

“I also try to create a democratic culture in the office where we take ideas from everyone and communal conversation lends itself to encourage an open dialogue for ideas and belonging”

What I most like about my job
My team. I also love that my job allows me to redefine the bridge between digital and luxury experiences and create unique, money-can’t-buy customer experiences.

Biggest challenge in my work
The biggest challenge in my work would be controlling the amount that we do.

Just like we curate our product on the site, I have to curate the many opportunities that are brought to us so that they are aligned with our brand strategy and our long-term growth.

My proudest achievement in luxury
I would say that building my incredible team and achieving the growth that we set out to do, especially in a challenging macro and microenvironment.

I also am extremely proud of how we can continue to surprise and delight our clients.

In our industry, it always goes back to the customer, so showing up where the luxury customer is, is my top priority.

My leadership style
I like to empower my team by advocating for them and playing towards their strengths.

I also try to create a democratic culture in the office where we take ideas from everyone and communal conversation lends itself to encourage an open dialogue for ideas and belonging.

My work priority for 2025
My top priority for 2025 is to continue to build brand awareness in the American market for Mytheresa and to meet more clients.

I am extremely passionate about getting more people to know who we are and welcoming them into our world.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
While product and quality are always the priority in the world of luxury, the services luxury brands provide will ultimately decide where people shop.

Julie Perry Julie Perry

Julie Perry
Chief marketing and experience officer, Exclusive Yachts, Indianapolis, Indiana and Naples, Florida

Yachts are the new golf course”

What I most like about my job
Innovating and chasing global growth.

We were founded in 2022 in Naples, Florida, so we’re constantly expanding our yacht fleet, our destinations offered, and the geographic markets we’re targeting.

Exclusive Yachts is at the forefront of the next era of yachting, capitalizing on both the sharing economy and the rise of the experience economy.

For our members, the idea of luxury is seeing extraordinary things and sharing extraordinary experiences with friends, family or colleagues.

It's fulfilling to see how our personalized and seamless approach transforms traditional yachting – ownership or ad-hoc chartering – into something refreshingly innovative. That, and I just love getting people out on the water.

Biggest challenge in my work
A big challenge is staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape while maintaining the timeless, high-touch experiences our members expect.

Leading Exclusive Yachts allows me to leverage my background in B2B SaaS [software as a service] and tech marketing to create data-driven campaigns that introduce a new era of yachting experiences.

As we expand, it requires a nuanced understanding of our evolving customer profile.

Balancing predictive analytics with the need for fluid, customized marketing strategies is a constant, yet exciting, challenge.

Furthermore, balancing innovation with the certainty and dependability of our luxury services requires continuous learning and adaptation.

My proudest achievement in luxury
My proudest achievement in luxury is building the Exclusive Yachts brand from scratch and launching our successful 'Yachting ... Smarter' campaign. This effectively communicates our membership model as a refreshing alternative to traditional yacht ownership – no need to hire crew, negotiate fuel costs or manage operations – and the unpredictability of ad-hoc chartering.

We handle it all, allowing our members to focus on making unforgettable memories. That message resonates deeply with our luxury target market.

We’ve positioned Exclusive Yachts as an up-and-coming luxury brand with a model whose time has come, achieving significant membership growth and industry recognition in less than two years. This success was made possible by the dedication and creativity of my exceptional team.

My leadership style
My leadership style is collaborative, empowering and data driven.

I believe in nurturing a culture where every team member feels valued and inspired to contribute their best ideas, while giving them the tools and insights they need to excel.

By leading with empathy and fostering an environment of open communication and continuous learning, I ensure that we can adapt quickly to market changes and innovate effectively.

I'm passionate about mentoring and guiding my team, helping them grow both personally and professionally.

My goal is to inspire them to think creatively and strategically, combining their expertise with cutting-edge analytics to drive success.

My work priority for 2025
As we continue to focus on delivering luxury experiences to our individual members, my work priority for 2025 is to elevate Exclusive Yachts' corporate membership offering by positioning luxury yachts as the ultimate venue for business networking, client entertainment and team building.

After all, yachts are the new golf course.

Imagine a full day at sea with key clients or colleagues and think about the meaningful conversations that can unfold in such an inspiring setting.

Expanding to this segment requires developing tailored offerings that highlight the unique benefits of corporate yachting, such as seamless event planning, exclusive access to luxury amenities and personalized services that enhance professional relationships.

I'm excited to see how these efforts will further solidify our place in the luxury market.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
I see luxury evolving in 2025 to focus even more on experiential and personalized services.

High-net-worth and UHNW individuals are increasingly seeking unique, tailor-made experiences that offer authenticity, exclusivity and a sense of adventure.

Technology will play a crucial role in delivering these bespoke luxury experiences seamlessly.

Understanding and anticipating the evolving tastes of our clientele will enable us to create more customized and immersive experiences, keeping up with new standards in the luxury market.

Julie Wagner Julie Wagner

Julie Wagner
CEO, Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau, Beverly Hills, California

“I try to implement work-life balance, as I believe people are more creative and productive when they're not burned out”

What I most like about my job
The opportunity to be creative and innovative in the programs we design to elevate awareness for the destination of Beverly Hills and drive visitors to our beautiful city.

Beverly Hills is anchored by our flagship luxury hotels, and I have the incredible opportunity to work and learn from general managers – most of who serve on our board of directors – of those world-renowned properties.

Biggest challenge in my work
Our budget. Executing the dynamic programs that form the foundation of our work has become so costly that it limits the number of activations we can achieve each year.

My proudest achievement in luxury
I am proud of several accomplishments achieved alongside my team.

One standout is Suite 100, celebrating our City's Centennial in 2014, where five of our most legendary hotels designed suites to reflect the eras in which they were built.

Another notable achievement is the Future of Luxury report from 2015. The predictions in that report have all come to life and remain relevant today. (View it here: Future of Luxury report, password: BHCVB90210).

My leadership style
I don't believe in micromanagement, but I do like to stay informed about my team's activities.

Each direct report has a weekly meeting with me, and we send a recap to the board and to the city to make sure they are well informed about our initiatives.

I also try to implement work-life balance, as I believe people are more creative and productive when they're not burned out.

Additionally, I enjoy brainstorming with the team.

While an individual can come up with a great idea, it takes the input of others to fully develop and bring that idea to fruition.

My work priority for 2025
To inform our audiences on all of the city's efforts to keep residents and travelers safe through creative programming that maintains a welcoming atmosphere.

I also want to bring to light all the work the city has done around sustainability, including their 9021 Zero sustainability plan, which features a roadmap designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
I believe technology and sustainability will continue to influence decision-making for the next generation of luxury consumers.

I also feel luxury should be customizable to fit every lifestyle while maintaining a sense of exclusivity.

The core principles that define luxury – quality, craftsmanship, green spaces and, most importantly, service – will continue to resonate with all audiences.

Karen Marshall Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall
Cofounder, Fleurs de Villes, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“When we bring history, art, culture and flowers all together through with partner brands and exceptional floral artists, with experience at the core, luxury prevails”

What I most like about my job
The ability to curate incredible floral experiences in extraordinary spaces, with extraordinary partners which connect with so many people who share the same passion.

We bring people together, elevate floristry and celebrate incredible artists, providing an experience like none other.

Biggest challenge in my work
Managing the demand for our shows.

We have so many destinations reaching out to us now and the scale of our wonderful experiences is full of endless possibility.

It’s hard to say no sometimes, but we are very selective about who we align with.

My proudest achievement in luxury
Creating a new luxury brand from nothing – just a seed of an idea with focused strategic planning and, within five years, being in top luxury destinations, aligning cultural partners with great brands through our floral experiences.

When we bring history, art, culture and flowers all together through with partner brands and exceptional floral artists, with experience at the core, luxury prevails.

My leadership style
Driven by our brand and its full potential.

Fleurs de Villes = flowers of cities. We have a big vision and a determined team to execute it.

Our North Star vision is what keeps us moving and allowing for clarity in decision making.

My work priority for 2025
Growing our team and bringing more of our experiences to other parts of the world: Asia, Europe, the Middle East, in addition to the five countries we currently pop up in.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Through experiences which bring people together and align with joy. Tying in with emotion at the core of those experiences.

Kathleen Ruiz Kathleen Ruiz

Kathleen Ruiz
Founder/CEO, KRW Consulting, New York

“Experiential luxury will gain prominence as consumers seek unique, immersive experiences beyond material possessions.”

What I most like about my job
There are so many aspects of my work that I truly enjoy.

I’ve had the privilege of launching three incredible European based brands recently in the U.S.

There's a unique thrill in nurturing a brand and watching as it begins to inspire and engage its audience.

Finding unique collaborations is another highlight of my work. Bringing two great brands together not only amplifies their strengths, but also creates innovative and inspiring outcomes.

Seeing what emerges from these collaborations is truly exhilarating and one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.

Biggest challenge in my work
One of the biggest challenges in my work is managing my own expectations.

When we take on a client, the projects we manage often require time to yield results. This can be frustrating, especially since I strive to deliver quick outcomes for our clients.

I tend to be particularly demanding of myself and my team, but it's essential to remember that building a brand is a gradual process.

Patience and persistence are key, and understanding this helps us stay focused on delivering long-term success.

My proudest achievement in luxury
My proudest achievement in luxury is undoubtedly starting my own agency.

After decades of working with some of the world's top luxury retailers, taking the bold step to venture out on my own was both a risk and a challenge. Those who know me understand my passion for taking risks and my confidence in always landing on my feet.

Within the first few years, I was fortunate to work with major luxury clients, including my former long-time employer, Neiman Marcus.

My leadership style
My leadership philosophy centers around collaboration and consultation.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with exceptional individuals and while I'm known for my confident and decisive approach, I firmly believe in cultivating an atmosphere of collaboration.

I consistently encourage creativity and active participation from my team, motivating them to innovate and surpass their limits to achieve remarkable outcomes.

My work priority for 2025
My work priority for 2025, as always, is to consistently exceed the expectations of my clients.

Staying attuned to the latest developments in the economy, retail, marketing innovations and the luxury sector is crucial and remains a top priority.

By keeping a finger on the pulse of industry trends, I can ensure that we are ahead of the curve and able to deliver exceptional value and innovative solutions to our clients.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
In 2025, I see a luxury evolution driven by sustainability, digital innovation and personalization.

Brands will continue to prioritize eco-friendly practices and utilize technologies to offer tailored experiences.

Experiential luxury will gain prominence as consumers seek unique, immersive experiences beyond material possessions.

The new generation of luxury consumers will ensure inclusivity becomes integral to the luxury experience and the focus will be not on the excess of luxury but on the preservation of art, craft and culture.

Marlene P. Naicker Marlene P. Naicker

Marlene P. Naicker
Founder/CEO, Muldooneys, Paris and Amsterdam

I feel simply glitzy marketing will lose ground, as consumers demand more authenticity and more unique value

What I most like about my job
I am more right brain – creative – than left brain, so it goes without saying that the creative side inspires the most, creating collections that carry intense meaning, whilst at the same time pushing that product further by looking for new ways to integrate new technologies that will speak to a modern audience.

Perhaps it’s this audaciousness, pushing the boundaries of luxury and innovation, that stimulates more than others.

Biggest challenge in my work
Dare I say it? Our’s is an industry which is built on traditional tenets, which carries incredible value in the rare skills and artisanal know-how that goes into creating exceptional products. But, today, as an industry it’s more known for being notoriously feral in protecting leading market positions which invariably eschews focus on these very tenets, whilst young players who offer new, opposing ideas, pivoting to change are not always warmly embraced.

My proudest achievement in luxury
My story is one that of the comeback kid – from battling severe adversity with illness, then setting out to a new city to relaunch Muldooneys and defining this on our own terms.

In the last 18 months we have bootstrapped, building our brand ethos around a supply chain innovation model, where traditional craftsmanship merges with modern technology, which would go onto to set industry standards in blockchain and hologram for product authentication, artisanal preservation and ethical sourcing.

Seeing the first series of Muldooneys’ chronicles come to life with the Meenakshi Potli Series, assuredly after a 10-year hiatus, is an accomplishment. But, most importantly it’s the profound message it imparts of our brand purpose in championing the human’s spirit capacity for resilience, perseverance and courage. It exemplifies the belief that every individual has the potential to achieve exceptionalism when open to the journey of self-discovery.

My work priority for 2025
We are in the early stages of our relaunch, so my biggest priority is to ensure that we stay aligned to our goal, quietly plugging away.

That said, I am looking forward to working with a new team, and seeing the next phase of our plan come into play and finally the development of our second series and its new innovation.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Luxury is democratizing, it’s becoming more accessible to all of society. This means that as luxury brands we have to introspect on core values, pushing more towards a reset towards “meta luxury” where products are curated in their purest forms with a modern context.

Brands must emphasize quality, craftsmanship and sustainability, focusing on what makes their products unique.

I feel simply glitzy marketing will lose ground, as consumers demand more authenticity and more unique value. This, in itself, will provide a unique opportunity for luxury brands – to reposition based on core values which have defined their brand heritage from the outset.

Mathilde Curnillon Mathilde Curnillon

Mathilde Curnillon
Vice president for operations, Moët Hennessy USA, New York

“The concept of luxury has shifted from owning exclusive products to enjoying unique experiences, and this trend is here to stay”

What I most like about my job
I enjoy the fact that no two days are alike and that I am continuously learning.

Every morning presents a new set of challenges and opportunities, as well as rewards, in terms of human interaction, business topics or exciting projects.

Biggest challenge in my work
No surprise here. We are living in an ever-changing environment that can be very challenging to navigate for operations, as it requires constant adaptation.

I was once reminded that “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors,” and I try to think about it every time I encounter rough seas.

My proudest achievement in luxury
The operations transformation journey that we started in 2022 at Moët Hennessy USA.

From designing the future of operations to turning the roadmap into reality year after year, we are on an incredible human and cross-functional journey that will deliver a visible impact to the business.

My leadership style
I would describe my leadership style as collaborative.

I value teamwork, partnership and enjoy hearing diverse opinions. Complex problems are often best solved through collective effort.

My work priority for 2025
My team’s priorities for 2025 are two-fold: supporting the business to the best of our ability and carrying on the transformation journey we started in 2022 towards a more end-to-end, data-driven and sustainable supply chain.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
The concept of luxury has shifted from owning exclusive products to enjoying unique experiences, and this trend is here to stay.

The quest to deliver a true luxury experience via digital channels will probably still be ongoing.

Sustainability and ethical production will, I hope, become increasingly important to luxury consumers, especially the younger generations.

Some trends, such as giving products multiple lives and choosing renting over ownership, could impact the luxury market.

It will be very interesting as well to see how artisanal craftsmanship and AI can interact in the future.

Melissa Krueger Melissa Krueger

Melissa Krueger
CEO, Classic Vacations, San Jose, California

“My leadership style is a blend of visionary, transformational and servant leadership”

What I most like about my job
I value most highly the profound, positive impact I can create at the individual, organization and community level.

I can shape the careers of our employees through my commitment to mentoring and developing future leaders.

Our suppliers and customers benefit from strong, ethical partnerships that promote innovation and sustainability.

Responsible tourism driven by our initiatives positively impacts the economies of small communities worldwide.

Through these efforts, I have the ability to contribute to a thriving, interconnected community that supports and uplifts everyone involved, which I recognize is a rare privilege.

Biggest challenge in my work
The biggest challenge I face is ensuring our leaders are fully equipped to coach and support their teams for optimal performance.

Different work styles and generational differences require tailored approaches, and it takes thoughtfulness and intention to train our leaders in the skills necessary for effective mentorship and guidance.

However, seeing the growth and success that result from these efforts is incredibly rewarding and reaffirms the importance of investing in our leadership.

My proudest achievement in luxury
My proudest achievement in the luxury travel industry has been leading Classic Vacations through a digital transformation and a luxury renaissance.

When I inherited the 45-year-old company, it was struggling to adapt to modern demands.

In just two years, we revitalized our service levels across the board, ensuring that every aspect of our operations met the highest standards of excellence.

We incorporated a comprehensive digital transformation, which allowed us to meet the needs of today's discerning luxury travelers and sellers.

This shift not only modernized our infrastructure but also improved the personalized, high-end experiences our clients deserve.

Seeing the company thrive and enhance its position as a leader in luxury travel has been incredibly fulfilling.

My leadership style
My leadership style is a blend of visionary, transformational and servant leadership.

As a visionary leader, I focus on setting a clear, ambitious direction for our company, anticipating future trends and inspiring our team with a vision of what we can achieve together.

As a transformational leader, I strive to drive change by encouraging innovation, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and empowering employees to reach their full potential.

As a servant leader, I anticipate the needs of our team members, providing them with the support and resources they need to succeed, and cultivating a collaborative and inclusive environment.

By integrating these three approaches, I aim to inspire and guide our organization toward sustained success and excellence.

My work priority for 2025
I continue to be focused on the enhancements and impact emerging technology will bring to our industry.

I am an optimist for transformation and believe that we can leverage artificial intelligence, in particular, to foster deeper customer connections and drive further innovation in our field.

By embracing the power of technology, we can set our brand apart and ensure we maintain our competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving market.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Luxury is a global tapestry, woven from diverse cultural threads and historical influences.

In 2025, we will see an even greater celebration of this diversity, where luxury brands draw inspiration from various cultures, enhancing their global appeal while maintaining unique local nuances.

The intersection of tradition – classic – and technology will continue to redefine luxury, with digital advancements playing a crucial role in personalizing and elevating the guest experience.

Sustainable and ethical practices will be paramount, as the modern luxury consumer values not only opulence but also the integrity and environmental consciousness behind their choices.

Missy Pool Missy Pool

Missy Pool
Flagship leader, Apple, New York

“I enjoy helping our customers discover their passions and enrich their lives through technology”

What I most like about my job
The ability to help others achieve their career goals through identifying their strengths and overcoming their opportunities.

Also, I enjoy helping our customers discover their passions and enrich their lives through technology.

In addition, I serve as a volunteer guide, which allows me and our teams to support our communities that have food insecurity, sustainability opportunities, access to education and girls in technology.

Biggest challenge in my work
Building strong teams, continuing to evolve leaders that can connect and engage with the growing employee base of Generation Z. Assisting ways to grow the relationships on their team while ensuring accountability.

My proudest achievement in luxury
As leader at Ralph Lauren, my proudest achievement was helping to bring Mr. Lauren’s vision to life as a premier women’s luxury designer.

We brought this to life through the opening of the first women’s New York flagship on Madison Avenue, creating a sales team that provided best-in-class customer experience, launching evening wear, fine jewelry and timepieces.

We influenced the Asian market by hosting investors and land developers in New York to demonstrate the evolution of the RL women’s brand.

Also as serving on the executive committee for the Madison Ave Business Improvement District board, I work with an incredible team to drive buying traffic to the avenue and work with retail leaders to bring special programming to the avenue, which highlights the luxury offerings on the avenue.

We identify opportunities and make decisions that will protect the needs of the business and landowners as well as Upper East Side residents and consumers.

My work priority for 2025
Attracting and retaining top talent while ensuring all can bring their authentic self to work while being high performing and creating the best-in-class customer experience.

Also creating an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation around always improving the customer experience as customers’ needs are consistently evolving.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Utilizing AI and emerging technologies to enhance and personalize the customer experience and predicting consumer needs and demand.

Maintaining and growing the U.S. luxury market despite inflation and the need to grow new customers by attracting Gen Z and identifying areas of the world that have buying potential.

Luxury brands should continue to think of what will attract and emotionally connect with new customers, including highlighting core values around sustainability and inclusivity.

Monica Elias Monica Elias

Monica Elias
CEO and executive producer, Elias World Media, New York

“I have an emphatic, hands-on mentality”

What I most like about my job
I work in an extremely dynamic and fast-moving environment with many different industries and leaders, which is hugely gratifying. This presents me with a deeper understanding of current issues and trends and allows me to gain knowledge of what's on the horizon to formulate strategies and make recommendations.

Biggest challenge in my work
I see challenges as opportunities.

One challenge we constantly face is navigating the turbulent broadcast news-cycle and staying well-informed in the ever-changing production environment in which we work. These challenges force us to re-evaluate, pivot and reinvent to ensure positive outcomes and continue meeting expectations.

My proudest achievement in luxury
I am most proud of my work in the fine jewelry industry.

One memorable achievement was in 2018 for our client, Platinum Guild International.

My team and I traveled and spent several months documenting the exceptional work, skill and designs of platinumsmiths and platinum jewelry manufacturers throughout Asia and the U.S. We produced short films that illuminated their stories and fused the craftsmanship, genealogy and technology that is platinum jewelry today.

My leadership style
I have an emphatic, hands-on mentality.

I am personally involved in every project, from start to finish, along with my team.

I believe the top characteristics a good leader should possess are decisiveness, trustworthiness, resilience and the ability to empower others.

My work priority for 2025
Continuing to educate and empower the luxury industry on best practices and how to reach and impact the luxury consumer using creative storytelling techniques combined with strategic media vehicles and tactics is of high priority.

I also want to build on our existing philanthropic endeavors to support industry 501c3 to help raise their awareness and purposeful missions through the power of storytelling.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Luxury will continue to evolve for discerning clientele and be further defined by access, experience, personalization and sustainability. Successful brands will be focused on reaching them with branded content and digital innovation.

Visual storytelling will remain a powerful marketing tool to drive emotion, desire and consumer purchasing decisions.

Nora Kleinewillinghoefer Nora Kleinewillinghoefer

Nora Kleinewillinghoefer
Partner and lead for fashion and luxury in the Americas, Kearney, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“In luxury, one of the biggest constants is change, whether it's new technologies, understanding changing consumer preferences or navigating global supply chain issues”

What I most like about my job
What I most enjoy about my role at Kearney is the opportunity to work closely with some of the most innovative and creative minds in the fashion and luxury industry.

It's incredibly fulfilling to advise these brands though the complex challenges they face and guide them toward unlocking their full potential.

Biggest challenge in my work
In luxury, one of the biggest constants is change, whether it's new technologies, understanding changing consumer preferences or navigating global supply chain issues.

Staying ahead of these rapid changes, remaining constantly agile and forward thinking, and leading luxury fashion brands and retailers through these disruptions is the biggest challenge this work presents.

My proudest achievement in luxury
While it’s hard to point to a single instance, the best moments have been when I’ve seen the tangible gains that have resulted from partnering with visionary leaders and equipping them with the tools that empower them to create consumer-centric and sustainable brands for the future.

Having played a material role in their success, driving them through a rapidly changing, always challenging environment, has been deeply fulfilling.

My leadership style
I strongly believe that the best ideas come from the chemistry of diverse perspectives. This can only be achieved by creating an inclusive environment and by prioritizing open communication, empowering my team to take the initiative and fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

My work priority for 2025
As consumers change their buying behaviors and even as their demographics skew to younger clientele, my top priority in 2025 is to make sure I’m helping drive transformation across our client portfolio.

While there are multiple moving parts to this, it’s essential to make sure that not only are the luxury brands we advise leveraging cutting-edge innovation, but that they are using it in ways that serve the customer while reflecting the brand promise.

The application of technology is wide-ranging: it could be using AI to analyze consumer behavior and trends, inform the design process and predict demand, improve operations, source and manufacture more efficiently. But distilled down, it’s ultimately there to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations, even as luxury brands stay focused on sustainability and ethical practices.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
By 2025, I envision the luxury industry becoming more personalized and experiential, with a significant emphasis on sustainability.

Consumers will demand greater transparency and ethical practices from brands, and the integration of advanced technologies will be crucial in meeting these expectations.

Pauline Brown Pauline Brown

Pauline Brown
CEO, Aesthetic Intelligence Labs, New York

“My style is more like that of a teacher than a commandant”

What I most like about my job
I enjoy working with a broad array of brands in sectors ranging from retail to hospitality, to automotive to fashion to beauty, and helping their teams to come up with innovative ideas and breakthrough strategies.

Time and again, I see that my clients have far more internal competencies in aesthetic intelligence than they realize.

Biggest challenge in my work
There are only 24 hours in a day and only seven days in a week. I really wish I could be in three places at one time. Maybe some budding tech entrepreneur will one day make that possible?

My proudest achievement in luxury
After 30 years of learning through successes and failures, I’ve developed a good eye and strong instinct for next-generation luxury brands.

While at Carlyle, I was an early investor in the Italian sportswear brand Moncler. Few people here in the States had ever heard of Moncler. But I fell in love with its story and envisioned its potential.

Similarly, early in my career, I was head of strategy and business development at Esteé Lauder, and I negotiated a beauty license deal with Tom Ford. Tom had recently left Gucci and not yet launched his fashion line.

At the time, backing him seemed like a big risk, but my colleagues and I really believed in his vision and his gifts.

Two decades later, Lauder acquired Tom’s entire company for $2 billion.

These early bets, among several others, clearly paid off and embolden me to keep looking for future winners.

My leadership style
My style is more like that of a teacher than a commandant.

In fact, I am a teacher, currently at Columbia Business School and formerly at Harvard.

When it comes to leading others, I try to inspire growth and learning, provide a safe space for experimentation, and focus on skills and competencies, not just outcomes.

My work priority for 2025
I simply love what I do.

If all goes well, my priorities for 2025 will be no different than they are in ’24: to help corporate clients and entrepreneurs become world-class aesthetic brands.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
The luxury sector is saturated with products, stores and marketing campaigns. Customers are growing increasingly confused and fatigued.

I think the best brands will go back to the basics.

First, they’ll design fewer products, but ones that are truly special and that promise to stand the test of time.

Second, they’ll focus more on delighting their core customers and less on reaching new people in new geographies with new messages via new channels.

Third, they’ll double down on their differentiation – their unique stories and aesthetic expressions — as opposed to tracking and replicating competitors.

And, finally, they’ll strive for slower, but more sustainable growth and lasting impact.

Stephanie Anton Stephanie Anton

Stephanie Anton
President, Corcoran Affiliates, New York

“I am a deep believer in servant leadership and am never too busy, too big or too important to jump in and roll up my sleeves”

What I most like about my job
I am so proud and honored to be entrusted to represent Corcoran because it’s a brand with values that I believe in.

Corcoran is a smart and sophisticated brand with a deep commitment to authenticity and inclusion.

When you work for a brand that represents your own values, it’s easy to be motivated because it becomes a reflection of you.

Bringing the Corcoran brand to new markets around the country – and the world – all while watching it come to life in an honest, human and local way never gets old.

Biggest challenge in my work
We launched our affiliate network in February 2020, just one month before the pandemic.

Of course, the real estate market took off like wildfire, and we were in the right place at the right time. That was followed by an abrupt downturn, a run on inventory and rising mortgage rates – all in the span of three short years.

The extremes have kept us on our feet, taught us to be agile, and have continued to throw challenges our way, but it’s also made the opportunity incredibly invigorating and our success so much more rewarding.

My proudest achievement in luxury
Having spent the majority of my career in the high-end real estate space, I have had numerous incredible opportunities and accomplishments.

However, what moves me most is witnessing the growth, development and perseverance of my team over the past few years.

We have an incredible group of professionals committed to growing and servicing our Corcoran Affiliates as the brand grows.

In four short years we’ve doubled the number of agents waving the Corcoran flag.

We’ve grown from primarily serving New York and South Florida to now serving buyers and sellers in almost 50 markets, from Hawaii to Italy, across eight countries and growing.

I don’t stop to celebrate often, but we’re off to an amazing start, and this is just the beginning,

My leadership style
I am a deep believer in servant leadership and am never too busy, too big or too important to jump in and roll up my sleeves.

My affiliates and my team know that I am “in it” with them and I’ve got their backs.

My work priority for 2025
Growth in my #1 focus and goal, every day.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
I am so excited to see how young affluent consumers are embracing luxury brands all around the world.

The powerful combination of high-quality, clearly-crafted brands and great design continue to make the best brands stand out and help drive emotional connections with consumers.

Young affluent consumers today display passion and commitment to wearing, carrying, driving and embracing the luxury brands they love, and it gives me deep confidence that luxury brands will continue to not just survive, but to thrive, in their hands.

Tina Barkley Tina Barkley

Tina Barkley
Cofounder, Fleurs de Villes, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“I have learned to trust. Ask all the right questions, be as prepared as we can, then trust”

What I most like about my job
Fleurs de Villes spreads joy and there are not many people who can say that is their raison d’etre.

We work with flowers, we make things pretty and make people happy. It’s difficult to find a better calling.

Biggest challenge in my work
As with many things in life, the “fear of the unknown” can be a challenge, whether it’s the unpredictability of weather temperature or the availability of all the perfect flowers.

My proudest achievement in luxury
The mere fact that we have created a new luxury brand through floral experiences that has been embraced all over the world has been incredibly rewarding.

My leadership style
Working with so many talented florists around the world, I have learned to trust.

Ask all the right questions, be as prepared as we can, then trust.

My work priority for 2025
Expanding into key international markets and welcoming new luxury partners.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
I believe it will all be about personal connection and new experiences that are meaningful.

Tina Necrason Tina Necrason

Tina G. Necrason
Executive vice president for residential, Montage International, Irvine, California

The greatest challenge in my work is managing business growth and mitigating risks of volatility in our luxury real estate environment”

What I most like about my job
What I like most about my job is having the opportunity and flexibility within my residential business discipline to work autonomously, which allows for growth and is a stimulant to challenge ourselves to think outside the box, whether it’s related to processes, implementing new programs, enhancing our offerings or working with our talented teams on their development. It can all be obtained while being fully supported by our core hospitality business enterprise. It’s an incredibly inspiring and dynamic environment.

Biggest challenge in my work
The greatest challenge in my work is managing business growth and mitigating risks of volatility in our luxury real estate environment.

It’s critical to the success of our overall business to maintain the integrity of our core service standards and practices to enrich the lives of our owners.

Each day having the agility to move between strategic and tactical initiatives as we continue to grow our portfolio – all within a competitive landscape – while carefully managing the daily and critical aspects of my role.

This all requires a delicate balance, accompanied by the unexpected situations that might arise in the midst of it all.

Every significant challenge, however, brings opportunity.

I thrive in tackling each new situation with laser focus to deliver solutions that will address needs both short and long term.

My proudest achievement in luxury
I was fortunate early in my career to be part of the core team in the concept, creation and execution of a luxury brand extension at The Ritz-Carlton Club, which afforded me the opportunity for an invaluable foundation that has served me well in many capacities throughout my career in the luxury space. It fueled my passion for luxury and the lessons learned and the great responsibility early on to protect the integrity of an iconic brand: to nurture it, grow it and appreciate all that comes with it has resulted in my proudest achievement to date.

If not for having a role at that time at the inception of the business line, I do not think I would have been exposed to those valuable lessons and experiences which allowed me to grow.

That perspective rooted me in my beliefs and understanding of luxury in many unexpected ways. This has been an important milestone that I’m grateful to have recognized many years ago and look forward to more pinnacle achievements in the future, whereby I can impact and contribute more to the world of luxury.

My leadership style
I am incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most passionate and talented individuals and am grateful to have the opportunity to help support and guide individual goals along with guiding key business objectives.

My focus is to collaborate, listen and understand the many different needs, objectives and strengths of those that I work with, other leaders in the organization and the many stakeholders I engage with in the various areas of our residential business.

I believe we all thrive in an environment and culture where we can foster growth and engagement to encourage ways to achieve our collective goals on a personalized level and then bringing others together to navigate positive communication, accountability and ultimate fulfillment.

I am inspired every day by those who are often relentless to perform for themselves and others.

I hope my passion for our business resonates both internally and externally and that my leadership helps to contribute to many levels of success in a number of areas.

My work priority for 2025
Looking ahead to 2025, my work priority is a focus on all areas of project planning as a number of new residential developments are in various stages and underway.

Each year I look at ways to increase our benchmarks of success and coming into next year is no exception.

As our growth trajectory continues, our team is looking for new innovations, processes and technology geared towards enhancing not only our luxury lifestyle offering with a fresh view, but ways in which we can improve upon our output and further support our developers and stakeholders.

We are devising ways to truly differentiate our personalized approach to fully serviced living and ways to enjoy the benefits of ownership for each of our owners.

My aim is to try and bring to market new concepts with thoughtfulness around leveraging our core business model in a seamless fashion.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Based on luxury global trends and the continued demand for goods and services within every sector of luxury, I believe 2025 will bring some new perspective, particularly within some of the more established brands.

I believe as we watch wealth expand globally and both the demographics and psychographics shift, there will be new ways to fulfill the desires of luxury consumers that are drawn from some of these insights as to what areas drive their interest and connection.

As a more youthful demographic becomes prominent in this space, their expectations and ways they wish, in particular, to live, travel and entertain with their younger families, we will likely see a transformation occurring within luxury between both the classic and established consumer merging with a new luxury market that have different needs across the spectrum.

Lady Violet Manners Lady Violet Manners

Lady Violet Manners
Founder/CEO, HeritageXplore, London

“I aim to turn up every day centered, positive and with a can-do, solution-focused and growth mindset”

What I most like about my job
We’re taking a sector that’s often been overlooked – the U.K.’s independent, family-run and -owned heritage and historic houses, castles and palaces which are central to this country’s attraction – and making it current.

That’s an exciting opportunity and challenge, and I’ve loved that every day of running HeritageXplore for the past few weeks has never been the same.

I am learning so much in tech, sales and about the heritage and tourism sector more broadly.

Biggest challenge in my work
The biggest challenge, like in any startup, is finding a rhythm with what we’re building, finding our customers and retaining them. Once we do, there’ll be no stopping us.

My proudest achievement in luxury
In my previous role as head of my marketing agency, I was incredibly proud of the clients I have worked with over the past decade.

Relaunching Gleneagles Hotel, launching Neom, the Saudi city, to the rest of the world in 2021 and, now, I’m incredibly proud of what we’re building for the independent heritage sector. And we’re only getting started.

My leadership style
A work in progress always.

I’m a big believer in role modeling. I’ve learned the best and worst traits from my past employers.

I aim to turn up every day centered, positive and with a can-do, solution-focused and growth mindset, hoping that inspires the same from my team.

My work priority for 2025
Grow HeritageXplore Lux.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
I see the experiential economy growing exponentially, and I want to ensure HeritageX is at the forefront of ensuring historic, family-owned and -run houses, and the authentic and memorable experiences that can be had at these estates are top of mind when people are thinking about where they’d like to make memories next.

Yunice Emir Yunice Emir

Yunice Emir
Head of corporate communications and experiential partnerships, Moët Hennessy USA, New York

“I went from bubbles to bubbly”

What I most like about my job
I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the best and brightest in the industry and community to inspire and encourage people 21 years-plus to celebrate life moments – from the seemingly small to the notably monumental – with the best wine, Champagne and spirits.

Biggest challenge in my work
Some industry-related processes can complicate the simplest tasks.

Luckily, I’m surrounded by knowledgeable, passionate and supportive teams that know how to and are passionate about getting the job done.

My proudest achievement in luxury
One of my proudest achievements in luxury was transitioning from the world’s most recognized brand, The Coca-Cola Company, to the world’s largest luxury conglomerate, LVMH. I went from bubbles to bubbly, and it’s been a fascinating and fabulous journey.

My leadership style
Optimistically collaborative

My work priority for 2025
I look forward to more collaborative opportunities to highlight and inspire more celebrations and elevated experiences with our prestigious portfolio of brands.

From the iconic Moët & Chandon Champagne to the most popular Cognac, Hennessy, to the leading French wine in America, Whispering Angel Rosé, Moët Hennessy has something special for every adult, every occasion and every celebration.

How I see luxury evolving in 2025
Luxury will continue to evolve with more innovation, immersive experiences, elevated personalization and sustainable practices providing people with diverse options that complement their lifestyle and align with their values.