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Meet Éteo, the Champagne of olive oil

February 29, 2024

Éteo Drops of Blessing organic olive oil resized Éteo Drops of Blessing organic olive oil 


Imagine giving olive oil the same respect as fine wine and Champagne. That is what Alexandros Papadopoulos is doing.

The New York-based Greek native is out to change the world of artisanal olive oil with Éteo, a high-end brand that is set to redefine the category. The organic extra-virgin olive oil is smooth on the tongue, encased in a porcelain bottle topped with a beautifully designed olive wood cap, all sitting in an attractive box.

“By embracing our heritage and focusing on fine quality and craftsmanship, we wanted Éteo to be viewed as a luxury experience, rather than a simple product,” Mr. Papadopoulos said.

“Just as fine wines and Champagne are treated with respect and attention to detail, so too Éteo aims to elevate the experience of consuming olive oil whilst appreciating the ever-declining art of craftsmanship,” he said.

In this interview, Mr. Papadopoulos, president/CEO of the New York-based Papadopoulos Group, discusses the USP of Éteo and its market positioning versus competitors, target audience, distribution strategy, pricing, marketing approach, design philosophy behind the bottle and packaging, and Greece’s key role in olive oil production.

Alexandros Papadopoulos Alexandros Papadopoulos

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Your approach to olive oil is more akin to fine wine and Champagne. Why did you take this tack?

Olive oil has traditionally been perceived as a commodity, where quality and product differentiation are often deprioritized for most mass-produced brands.

By embracing our heritage and focusing on fine quality and craftsmanship, we wanted Éteo to be viewed as a luxury experience, rather than a simple product.

Just as fine wines and Champagne are treated with respect and attention to detail, so too Éteo aims to elevate the experience of consuming olive oil whilst appreciating the ever-declining art of craftsmanship.

Why the name Éteo for your olive oil?

Éteo is an Ancient Greek word, founded by Homer, translating to “genuine” and it was the source of our inspiration.

We aimed to create an olive oil that would stand out from the rest by being 100 percent genuinely made by hand and born entirely from nature’s raw materials.

Olives from Greece Olives from Greece

What makes Éteo different from other brands on the market?

We are different because of our unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship and business model.

We never compromise on the quality of our certified organic olive oil, nor do we aim to increase our product output by sourcing and blending lower-quality or different varieties, which typically happens with mass-produced brands.

Our dedication to excellence makes craftsmanship one of our core values, where zeal, patience and persistence are key components in perfecting every single porcelain bottle.

Unlike most brands, our business model does not entail selling directly to consumers online or at supermarkets.

Instead, our business model relies on partnering with other luxury brands, where synergies can be created, the client experience can be elevated, and distribution can be controlled.

Éteo Drops of Blessing bottles Éteo Drops of Blessing bottles

Who is your target audience for Éteo? How do you create brand awareness?

Éteo is exclusively available through our authorized partner network and corporate gifting channel.

Our primary target audience is luxury hospitality groups, where enhancing the client experience is imperative.

Éteo is often positioned in restaurants, boutiques or simply as a hotel amenity gift for VICs [very important clients].

Yet, we are always expanding our industry presence by partnering with luxury brands that share common values and vision.

Recently, we partnered with the iconic Swiss watch manufacturer F.P. Journe, by organizing a private Éteo tasting experience for some of their top collectors at one of their boutiques, celebrating our mutual commitment to fine quality and craftsmanship.

Our corporate gifting arm has also been steadily growing, with more companies seeking unique gifts for their discerning clients or employees.

Some of our corporate clients include banks, private equity funds and real estate companies.

Client-centricity and engagement are core pillars of the Éteo experience.

By forging strategic partnerships with other luxury brands, we expand our presence and reach new discerning audiences.

Additionally, through our co-branded tasting experiences, we not only create memorable experiences for their clients but also achieve organic brand awareness and recognition.

Our clientele ranges from luxury hotels and renowned chefs to celebrities and UHNWI.

Olive groves in Greece Olive groves in Greece

Olive oil is sourced from many Mediterranean countries, including Italy, Algeria and Israel. What makes Greek olives different?

Greek olive oil has a rich history and cultural significance, making it a symbol of heritage and tradition.

In Ancient Greek antiquity, it was believed that Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, and Poseidon, the God of the Sea, competed for the patronage of the city of Athens.

To settle their dispute, they each offered a gift to the mortals and awaited their preference.

While Poseidon presented a spring, Athena gifted an olive branch. She emerged victorious as her olive branch gave birth to olive trees, providing the nation with olive oil.

A symbol of health, peace and strength, olive oil was once considered the most important food in civilization, often being referred to as “Liquid Gold.”

Fast forward to today, Greece is renowned for producing some of the best olive oil in the world due to its climate, soil and traditional cold-pressing methods.

In fact, approximately 80 percent of the total olive oil output in Greece every year is categorized as extra virgin – the highest grade of olive oil.

Éteo’s olive oil variety, “Koroneiki,” is globally acclaimed for its exceptional rich aromatic taste, robust flavors, high polyphenol count and low acidity.

Éteo porcelain manufacturing for the bottle Éteo porcelain manufacturing for the bottle

What is your design philosophy for Éteo bottle and packaging?

Packaging is paramount to Éteo because it embodies our story and the very essence of who we are.

Every aspect of our packaging serves a purpose which ultimately comes together to form a product that is pure, genuine and timeless.

Pottery, an ancient craft dating back to Ancient Greece, was historically used to create large ceramic pots for storing olive oil.

Adding sticker to the Éteo porcelain bottle Adding sticker to the Éteo porcelain bottle

We chose porcelain because it is the most complex and strongest type of ceramic to make.

Olive wood is an integral part of Éteo’s DNA, representing a piece of our Greek heritage.

Just as no two people are alike, each olive wood cap we make is one of a kind, with patterns that will never be replicated. This ensures every client will own a unique piece.

Our product line, named “Drops of Blessing,” was the inspiration for the bottle’s design, which resembles the perfect drop.

Polishing the olive wood for Éteo bottle tops Polishing the olive wood for Éteo bottle tops

How did you arrive at the pricing for the different sizes?

We arrived at the pricing for our two different sizes (100ml/600ml) after taking into consideration various factors such as raw materials, labor costs, olive oil demand, competitor pricing and brand positioning.

We ensured that the pricing aligns with Éteo’s value proposition, making it attractive for our clients and partners whilst also ensuring sustainable profitability for our company. Retail pricing is:

Éteo – Drops of Blessing 100ml: $150

Éteo – Drops of Blessing 600ml: $200

Polishing the olive wood for Éteo bottle tops Polishing the olive wood for Éteo bottle tops

What is your distribution strategy and where can consumers buy Éteo?

We exclusively distribute Éteo through our authorized partner network.

We do not sell online or directly to consumers except for corporate gifting orders. This approach aligns with our brand philosophy, signifying the importance of strategic partnerships with other luxury brands.

Not only does this strategy create synergies, but it also enhances our partners’ brand image while generating additional revenue for them.

For instance, Éteo is available at select locations such as the Tin Building by Chef Jean-Georges in New York City, the Four Seasons in Fort Lauderdale and Maison Mura in Miami.

Adding sticker to the Éteo porcelain bottle Adding sticker to the Éteo porcelain bottle

How do you ensure quality control of the product and the experience?

From the very beginning of our inception, we have never compromised on quality.

We harvest our olives with utmost care and respect to ensure supreme quality and always undergo cold pressing first.

Every new vintage undergoes a series of rigorous chemical analyses to ensure it is of the finest quality.

Our extra virgin olive oil is certified organic and far exceeds all standards of the European Union and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Additionally, our bottling procedure follows the highest of standards to ensure preservation of quality, flavor and aroma as they were from the moment of extraction.

We preserve the purity of the oil and prevent oxygenation before bottling.

The unique final product is then further packaged in vacuum sealed bags to preserve its finest properties, even after the bottling process has been completed.

By controlling distribution and product allocation, we are not only able to grow organically with our partners, but also to ensure the Éteo experience is successful.

We are committed to our partners’ success, which entails constantly training and educating their teams.

Éteo at the Four Seasons Fort Lauderdale, Florida Éteo at the Four Seasons Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Where would you like to take Éteo for 2024 and beyond? What are you looking to do next?

This year is a very exciting one, as we aim to further expand our presence in key luxury markets around the world.

Our focus will be on forging strategic partnerships with high end brands to ensure Éteo is accessible to more discerning consumers globally.

Additionally, as our brand continues to gain momentum, we will explore opportunities to further differentiate Éteo by investing in product development and innovation, continuously evolving and raising the bar even higher.

My vision, from the very first day, has always been to establish Éteo as the golden standard of the olive oil industry, one client at a time.