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Luxury Roundtable Calendar 2023-24

November 14, 2023

Understanding the wealthy and UHNW audience's lifestyle, needs and lingo is key for successful luxury professionals. Image credit: Shutterstock Understanding the wealthy and UHNW audience's lifestyle, needs and lingo is key for successful luxury professionals. Image credit: Shutterstock


Luxury Roundtable Editorial Calendar 2023-24

Membership of Luxury Roundtable opens a world of exclusive learning, intelligence and networking opportunities for luxury professionals across sectors working with wealthy, HNW and UHNW clients and prospects as well as colleagues and peers.

The purpose and goal of these activities is to help upskill Luxury Roundtable members and make them the most informed, authoritative and connected luxury professionals in their respective industry sectors and beyond.

Below is a list of special reports, events, webinars, podcasts, networking get-togethers and Luxury Class workshops.

All webinars, podcasts and Luxury Classes will be recorded and available on-demand. The reports and articles will be archived as well.

Please note: Dates or activities may change due to unforeseen circumstances or rescheduling.

November 2023

Special reports:

Couture, Fashion and Leather Goods

Luxury Real Estate

Wednesday, Nov. 7: Luxury Roundtable Official Launch Day

Tuesday, Nov. 14: Podcast: How Hermès Creates Desire and Demand Against the Odds

Tuesday, Nov. 21: Webinar: How Luxury Has Been Redefined for Consumers, Professionals and Brands (Register)

December 2023

Special reports:

Travel and Hospitality

Luxury Outlook 2024

Wednesday, Dec. 6: Luxury Roundtable Holiday Get-Together, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Wednesday, Dec. 13: Webinar: Luxury Outlook 2024: Up, Down or Flat?

Tuesday, Dec. 19: Podcast

January 2024

Special reports:

Luxury Retail

Wealth Management

Tuesday, Jan. 9: Podcast: Holiday Lookback: How Did Luxury Fare?

Tuesday, Jan. 16: Luxury Roundtable Member Get-Together and Pre-Luxury Outlook Summit 2024 Attendee and Speaker Cocktails, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 17: Luxury Outlook Summit 2024: 8:15 a.m. – 5:05 p.m., UBS Building, 14th Floor, 1285 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036. Please click here to register.

Wednesday, Jan. 31: Webinar: What the Wealthy Want: Trends and Opportunities in Luxury Real Estate

February 2024

Special reports:

Watches and Jewelry

Fine Dining, Wines and Spirits

Tuesday, Feb. 7: Podcast

Wednesday, Feb. 21: Webinar: Up and About: Cars, Jets and Yachts

March 2024

Special reports:

Beauty, Cosmetics and Personal Care

Health and Wellness

Tuesday, March 5: Podcast

Wednesday, March 20: Webinar: Growth Opportunities: Emerging Markets and Emerging Consumers

Wednesday, March 27: Workshop: Luxury Class on Culture, Etiquette and Art De Vivre

Wednesday, March 27: Luxury Roundtable Member Get-Together, New York, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

April 2024

Special reports:

Luxury Advertising, Marketing and PR

Media, Publishing and Content

Tuesday, April 9: Podcast

Wednesday, April 17-18: Conference: Consumer Marketing Forum 2024: What’s New, Next, In and Out for Customer Acquisition and Retention. Agenda will go live in first week of February.

Wednesday, April 24: Webinar: Social Media Leg-Up: Tapping Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and X for Consumer Attention

May 2024

Special reports:

Architecture, Home and Design

Art and Auctions

Tuesday, May 7: Podcast

Wednesday, May 22: Webinar: How the Wealthy Live: Design and Lifestyle Trends

June 2024

Special reports:

Laws and Regulations Affecting Luxury Professionals and Brands

Education, Training and Reskilling

Tuesday, June 4: Podcast

Wednesday, June 12: Virtual Conference: China Luxury Summit: Rising Consumer Sophistication and Expectations

Thursday, June 20: Webinar: Midyear Check on Luxury Brands and the Global Luxury Market

Thursday, June 27: Workshop: Luxury Class on Best Practices in Luxury Marketing

Thursday, June 27: Luxury Roundtable Member Get-Together, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

July 2024

Special reports:



Tuesday, July 9: Podcast

Wednesday, July 24: Webinar: The Rarified World of Art and Auction

August 2024

Special reports:

Private Jets

Philanthropy, Nonprofits and Foundations

Tuesday, Aug. 6: Podcast

Wednesday, Aug. 21: Webinar: Philanthropy and Causes that Matter to the Wealthy

Thursday, Aug. 22: Luxury Roundtable Member Get-Together, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

September 2024

Special reports:

Holiday Planning and Outlook

Technology and Tools

Tuesday, Sept. 10: Podcast

Wednesday, Sept. 18 and Thursday, Sept. 19: Luxury Roundtable Annual Conference (LRAC)

Wednesday, Sept. 18: Luxury Roundtable Awards

Thursday, Sept. 19: Workshop: Luxury Class on Best Practices in Luxury Retailing

Wednesday, Sept. 25: Webinar: Setting Expectations for Holiday 2024

October 2024

Special reports:

ESG and Sustainability

Sports: Polo, Golf, Safari, Racing and Sailing

Tuesday, Oct. 8: Podcast

Wednesday, Oct. 23: Webinar: How Values-Based Shopping with Established and Emerging Generations Will Transform Luxury

November 2024

Special reports:

Culture and Luxury

Bespoke and Craftsmanship

Wednesday, Nov. 6: Podcast

Wednesday, Nov. 13: Webinar: Legal Update: Laws Impacting Luxury Professionals Across Sectors

December 2024

Special reports:

The Luxury Mindset

Outlook 2025

Tuesday, Dec. 3: Podcast

Wednesday, Dec. 11: Workshop: Luxury Class on Embracing the Luxury Mindset

Thursday, Dec. 12: Luxury Roundtable Member Holiday Get-Together, 5:30 pm. – 7 p.m.

Wednesday, Dec. 18: Webinar: Sector-by-Sector Luxury Outlook 2025

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